6 JULY 2010

Tokyo/Vermont Films, expanded and redesigned, featuring our new online film series


Today we’ve launched an expanded and redesigned Toyko/Vermont Films web site and encourage you to explore. Featured is our new online film series, Godard Year 80 Eight Zero: A Life in Eight Films. (Read the rest on our web site.)

In his sixtieth year, Jean-Luc Godard shot Germany Year 90 Nine Zero (an allusion to Roberto Rossellini’s 1948 film Germany Year Zero). Now, as he nears 80 (Godard was born in Paris on 3 December 1930), we’re paying tribute to the living filmmaker who’s most influenced us with Godard Year 80, an online film series presenting eight of his features, as well as much entertaining and revelatory Godardiana along the way.

An online film series? Yes, to continue (from our first, primitive, projected in Eric Linskers Iowa City living room series) to promote non-Anglo-American cinema, we’re uploading to Tokyo/Vermont from our ever-growing archive of currently nearly 2000 films, many hard to come by in the United States.

We hope after freely downloading or streaming in HD you’ll discuss a film on our Facebook group wall. And we hope you’ll join our Facebook group and our mailing list and follow us on Twitter.

How to download? Control- or right-click applicable images or text. To stream in HD, click applicable images or text. Practice on an hour-long Dick Cavett Show with Godard, an interview with Anna Karina and a trailer for 2008Day, Chris Balmer’s first feature.

Godard Year 80 starts after summer. In anticipation, we’ve uploaded The Dick Cavett Show with Godard on ambition (”that the door will go on being opened”), capitalism (”Go in a plant in General Motors. Where is love?”) and space (”the time you need to go to someone else”), as well as the interview with Karina (on intimidatingly timid men and more). And we’ll upload throughout July and August: The Dinosaur and the Baby, a conversation between Godard and Fritz Lang; a television program with Godard, Robert Bresson, Louis Malle and Anne Wiazemsky on Bresson’s 1966 film Au hasard Balthazar; the soundtracks for Le MéprisPierrot le fou and Week-end; an interview with Jean-Paul Belmondo on dodging trains; and more. We’ll also release further information on Godard Year 80. Join our Facebook group and our mailing list and follow us on Twitter to stay informed.

Other series are coming soon: Chris will curate a series on Hungarian filmmaker Miklós Janscó, Eric a series on animal welfare and Jeff Nagy a series on French noir. Interested in curating? Contact us. We’ll upload films for you. So know Godard Year 80 is not representative of our archive. Sure 1987’s King Lear is scandalously difficult to obtain, but most of Godard’s 1960s output--joyfully and regretfully the bulk of our series--is readily available.

Your curation (as easy as emailing us a list of films--or as challenging as dreaming up a future for online cinema without limits) is vital to our vision of Tokyo/Vermont as an organizational democracy--decentralized, free and open--and committed to creating important series of generally unseen films (to say nothing of creating important films)--often because ordinarily unseeable. Further, curated series offer coherency and integrity to experience--offer even an experience of experience--and critical and intimate facilitation between films and you.

Intimate facilitation: while we’ll miss projecting, operating our film series online will allow anyone with access to the Internet to freely engage with otherwise often unavailable films together with an international community of viewers and a platform for discussion. In other words, beginning with Godard, we envisage developing and sharing a space with you that alters--disintegrates, elongates, shortens--the time you need to go to someone else.

In the meantime, tour Toyko/Vermont (including, especially for first-time visitors, our past). Watch The Dick Cavett Show with Godard, the interview with Karina and the trailer for Day. Survey the listings for The Sands Are Reversed: A Place of Ideal Quiet, our aforementioned living room series. Contemplate our countdown. Share your first impressions on our Facebook group wall.

Join us that the door will go on being opened.

Thank you.


Chris Balmer and Eric Linsker

Tokyo/Vermont Films